Trying Hard to Use CloudFlare DNS But It's Stubborn!

We tried to set up a DNS zone by importing a zone file. It imported 500+ A records and set them all to be proxied. We want unproxied DNS. We can’t find a way to turn off proxying for all the records without going through them one-by-one. Hard pass on that. So I tried removing the domain and creating it fresh, but it remembers all the A records from the previous attempt and won’t let me re-upload the zone file. I tried waiting for a few days but it still remembers all those old A records and adds them to the zone when I create it. Gah!

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You could probably stand to leverage the API.

Thanks, though its a weird that a powerful global site like Cloudflare doesn’t have a built in way to bulk-purge DNS records and people have to rely on a Python script written by a user.