Trying 2 add 2 sites, 1 works, other fails

I purchased 2 .in domain names on 29th December.

  • - cannot add site to clouflare
  • - working ok thru cloudflare
    (I have been using cloudflare for several years and have over 300 sites on cloudflare)
    I added 1 name without any issues, I cannot add the second domain, it gets the same error message every time -
    Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

However the website is working fine, and has been since 29th

Can anyone suggest who I need to talk to.



They both seem to have the same registration settings, except for the name servers.

I do notice that the first one does not resolve as a hostname. Maybe if you throw some “A” records on the TMD Hosting account, that might help.

Secondly, as I scan for NS on that domain, it doesn’t look to be fully propagated.

EDIT: as that weren’t enough, the two name servers in the picture below don’t resolve, either.

Both sites resolve from here - New Brunswick, Canada
I also have another 20 sites on that server which are all served through cloudflare.
The zone records are all in place:

That doesn’t override the fact that it doesn’t resolve from anywhere else. Out of about a hundred location tests from multiple test services, only one location (Palermo) was able to reach the site.

One option would be to use’s service, and that should resolve well enough for Cloudflare to add the domain.

Thanks for your help. I am talking to the server company. I am now getting intermittent 503 errors for other domains on the same server.

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