Try email routing


I just wanted to give Email Routing a try by enabling it on a subdomain only. The setup I intend is:

  • Toplevel Domain MX → Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace Catch-All → Forward [email protected] to [email protected]
  • Subdomain MX → Cloudflare Email Routing
  • Cloudflare Email Routing Worker → Forward mail to other sevices, auto responder, etc.

Unfortunately it does not work if I only enable Email Routing for the subdomain. Technically I see no reason for this limitation, though. Is this planned?

Yeah, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work either.

I tested your EXACT setup – sans the Worker part (I forwarded it directly to an email address) – and it works for me.

  • Primary domain ( uses Google Workspace and Google’s MX records are configured in Cloudflare DNS.
  • I setup a CatchAll for in Google Workspace Email Routing to [email protected])
  • In Cloudflare Email Settings, added subdomain and automatically added Cloudflare Email’s MX and TXT records for just the subdomain. Primary domain continues to use Google Workspace MX records.
  • Created address [email protected] in Cloudflare Email, forwarded to a personal Gmail account.

From my a completely different domain and email provider, I sent an email to a non-existing address [email protected]. Google received this mail and forwarded it to the catch-all address [email protected] is handled by Cloudflare Email (subdomain only).

Cloudflare then forwarded the message, and I received the email in the personal Gmail account configured in Cloudflare Email. I can also see the delivery of the in the Cloudflare Email Activity log.

So, perhaps the devil might be in the details of your implementation and what exactly you mean by “does not work”.

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