Truth Social Blocked me using cloudflare

I went to my saved link to get into my truth social, and a page came up and said I was block from my Truth Social account? For a few days I have been trying to get in, and it would just spin, and I would get tired and to to another site. Now I see that I have been block. I am still can get in on my phone, so now it looks like maybe I have a bug in my desktop?

You need to contact the owners of the site as they are the only ones with insight into why you are being blocked.


It says to contact cloudflare, and I had to sign up to cantact anyone. How can I contact the owner of Truth social when I can’t even get in?

Oh yeah, and they gave me a cloudflare ID to use… 7f9eb8884dc4c66c So what ever I can do with that…

That is only if it is your site.

I googled it and from Truth Social Contact Information
[email protected]


thank you.

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