Trusted IP's in Cloudflare

HI, PayU (payment provider) said that Cloudflare blocks their IP. Everything with the payment process works good however I’m not getting their response that payment is done properly and it doesn’t change Order Status in my WordPress - I still see “Waiting for payment”.

They said they’re sending all information to my site but Cloudflare blocks it and my shop answers with 403 Forbidden.

They sent me six IP address I should add to trusted IP’s in Cloudflare. I added them to my Firewall as whitelisted but it still doesn’t work and my payment status isn’t changing in my WooCommerce admin panel.

Can you please check it? Do I need to add something more? I cleared Cache but still nothing.

I have the same problem with other Payment Provider (DotPay).

PayPal Express Checkout works good.

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