Trust Levels and Permissions

By default, all new users will have a trust level of zero, and will not be able to create new topics, post images or attachments, and other things that might be spammy.

User trust levels are a way of…

  • Sandboxing new users in the community so that they cannot accidentally (or intentionally!) hurt themselves, the forum, or other users while they are learning what to do.

  • Granting experienced users more rights so that they can help maintain and moderate the community they generously contribute so much of their time to.

All you have to do is spend some time looking around before you make your first post. To be more specific, you need to spend a few minutes looking at existing topics, reading posts, and just generally looking around. The threshold is actually quite low, so it shouldn’t take long at all.

For a more expansive description of Trust Levels check out this post by the Discourse team. We are using slightly lower levels than the ones they use, but similar.


Basicly a nice idea, but where can I see my trust level? I think it´s a little bit to strict at the moment :rolling_eyes: so to get to the next level I need to:

entering at least 5 topics
reading at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Are there even 30 posts ? :joy:

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actually 60+ topics and more than 250 posts so far :success:

That being said, we are always reviewing those guidelines.


Got it.

I spent an hour reading other support resources to try to find a solution before coming to the community. Can that count?


That would be great, but we don’t have that yet. However, we are constantly reviewing and evaluating how strict our permissions should be. If it turns out that we don’t need them as strict as Discourse default recommendations (since every community IS different) we will be happy to tweak them.

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Can I suggest that users be prevented from writing new topics before they’re told they can’t post?

A user will write out their post, only to be frustrated by a no permission message. In turn, this results in people like me not using the forum because of the poor setup.



I’ll see if there are options to support that.

Maybe you can try out going for a period with newuser first day topics set to 1, instead of the default 5, and min trust to create topic back at the default 0?


Hello Ryan,

  • Where do i post questions then if i cant find the answer?

  • I am getting “Cloud fare shows 504 timeout page if 30 sec execution limit exceed” - if we turn of “always online” it seems better/faster. But not sure,…

  • Will search forum for answers…

Best regards,

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You have reached trust level 1, so you should be able to create your own topics now.

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I experienced this just now… Spent a good 30 minutes writing a post only to find out that I can’t post it!!! :rage:

Sorry about that. I have raised this change request to the Discourse team and it sounds like it’s coming. Not sure when. I’ll continue to tweak the permissions.

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Thanks Ryan!

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SO what if i have isee and i am here to check for answer no post satisfied or fixed the issue and i am here to get help by posting and i am not allowed to do that because i am new user and i am not trusted yet

If someone looks around first to see if their question has already been answered that would be enough to move to level 1.

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Hello everyone. New to the community and thankful for any help I can get in this stage of my life haha.
I understand about the sandboxing… I have to do that to my new taxi drivers all the time. Can’t have them pissing on really great customers so they get stuck with scraps until they prove themselves.


excuse me, I’m trying to contact the Cloudflare support center and there is no email. also i couldn’t figure out how to start a new discussion.