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The Trumpet App is a great tool. However, it has limited functionality. Recommend CF add the following Trumpet enhancements:

(1) Ability to change the banner background color ()
(2) Ability to change font color and style (
(3) Ability to change the banner’s display time (e.g., hours, days, months in lieu of temporary or making it disappear when clicked)

(*) via templates or hex/rgb code (preferred)

Until the above is implemented, it would be great if the CF gurus can provide CSS codes via this forum to perform the above.

Oh, and to further assist, did some research on this and learned the following:

(1) Requests like this one were submitted to CF over 2 years ago.
(2) CF acquired Trumpet in 2012. That we know of, no changes or improvements have been made to the app since then.
(3) Trumpet’s developer, Martin Reistadbak (independent) is still around. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or via phone at +47 997 04 007 for assistance. His website is

Thank you!


Cloudflare is currently in the process of reworking (complete overhaul) our app store. It offers huge improvements for 3rd party developers to create and make available applications to end users. I believe some of the existing apps will be migrated, but we anticipate the new platform with be a much more popular platform for developers to build apps on.



Is their a target launch date established for the “new app store”?

Also, what can CF tell us specifically about Trumpet and providing your customers with a stop-gap CSS code to accomplish the above?

Thank you.


Trumpet is a 3rd party app published on our current (soon to be former) app platform. So we don’t maintain or manage that code base. It’s similar to WordPress plug-ins in that regard. So it’s unlikely we’d make changes to it unfortunately.

There isn’t a public launch date for the new app store that I know of beyond the “June” listed here: We’ve been hosting a number of meet-ups and events around the world for developers to introduce them to the new platform and I know folks are actively working on projects.

There are some sample apps here: Not sure how many of these will be available in the store at launch vs. are available for developers to build off of or take inspiration from.


We are also going to have a category here dedicated to Cloudflare apps. Currently planning to have spaces for apps users, apps developers, and misc :yay:

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