True Cost of Image Resizing / Edge Cache TTL


Image resizing is quoted at $9/50k “uncached” requests. However, without knowing how long an object can be expected to survive in edge cache before it is purged, this feel a little meaningless.

As an overly simplified example, pretend we have 50k image variants, and each is requested once every 15 minutes.

And let’s pretend that the average object survives at least 20 minutes on the edge before being purged.

In that case, our costs are just the initial 50k resizing requests. So $9.

Now let’s pretend an object can only survive 10 minutes without a re-request.

In that case, we’re looking at 50k resizing requests every 15 minutes. Or, assuming this is a constant rate (I did say this was a simplified example), $26k/month.

Then, bizarrely, if requests were to increase such that each cached variant was requested at least once every 10 minutes, the cost would now plummet back down to $9 for the one batch of resizing requests.

Am I completely wrong in this little calculation? Or is this “take a gamble and see what fun surprises are in store!” kind of pricing the way it works?

If it is, is there any data available on the average time an object can be expected to survive on the edge? I imagine at the aggregate scale Cloudflare operates at, these things remain reasonably predictable at any given day/hour of the week, no?

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