Troubleshooting SSL/TLS issues

This tutorial post covers the steps you should take if you have enabled Cloudflare, but HTTPS is not working on the site.

If your main domain is secure, but a subdomain is not, please see SSL/TLS not working on subdomain.

1. Check that the DNS record is set to :orange:
In the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard, check that the DNS record for your domain is set to :orange:, not :grey:. If it is :grey:, Cloudflare is disabled on the site and none of the SSL settings will take effect.

2. Check that HTTPS doesn’t work
If you manually enter https://(www.), does it load with the Cloudflare certificate? If so, you are probably not forcing HTTPS, enable ‘Always use HTTPS’ under SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates in your Cloudflare dashboard.

3. Do you see a certificate from your server?
If you see a certificate from your server rather than from Cloudflare, you may be bypassing Cloudflare and connecting straight to the server. You can also check for Cloudflare headers in developer tools. If you are not going through Cloudflare, this may be a local caching issue. You could also test your site on a different device and/or network. There is a specific tutorial on Verifying propagation and caching issues when troubleshooting.

4. Is it a mixed content issue?
If the site loads with HTTPS, but you see a yellow triangle/ red shield / not fully secure message, it means that there is mixed content in the site. This is where the main domain is being loaded over HTTPS, but some resources are loading over HTTP. You can read more about mixed content in this Community Tutorial and you can find information to help you fix it in this Community Tip.

5. Has your Cloudflare Certificate Provisioned?
If you see the errors ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH or SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP in Chrome and Firefox respectively, it may mean that your Cloudflare certificate has not yet provisioned.
If you go to SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates in your Cloudflare dashboard, you may see the certificate showing the certificate as ‘Pending Validation’ rather than ‘Active’:

It can take up to 24hrs for the free Universal SSL certificate to provision, if it has been longer than that, try disabling and re-enabling Universal SSL to restart the process. More info and further steps to take in Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH in Google Chrome and Community Tip - Best Practices For Certificate Provisioning.

If you still need further help, please post the outcomes of these steps and your domain and the community can try and help.

SSL/TLS Configuration Video:

Video - Introduction to SSL and Cloudflare’s Options

Credit to @albert for the fantastic explanation here.

Tutorial Reference: CT-09

Reviewed: 07/21

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