Troubleshooting NXdomain issues (for some users)

There is a domain that a few months ago was moved for DNS to Cloudflare.

The name registration was at networksolutions.

When trying to resolve the name in some places it works, but in many places users are getting NX domain issues. One of them for example is if I try google DNS or the Google DIG tool it can’t find anything. But many others seem to be working. A whois search looks like all the information is there.

What is this about? Is this a Cloudflare issue or is some broken-ness on networksolutions causing this. I am not sure what steps to take further to troubleshoot this.

You have a DNSSEC issue and need to update the values at your registrar with what Cloudflare provided on the DNS screen.

So you either disable DNSSEC on your registrar’s side or enable it with the correct values and make sure it is enabled on Cloudflare as well.

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