Troubleshooting Link Preview Issues on Social Media Scheduler for my site

Hello everyone,

I’ve been encountering a puzzling issue lately regarding link previews when scheduling posts through a third-party social media scheduler. Specifically, I’ve noticed that while direct sharing on platforms like Facebook works smoothly, using schedulers such as results in inconsistent link previews.

Despite trying solutions like disabling hotlink protection, the problem persists. My website, hosted at , seems to be affected.

Any insights or suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!"

You can check your Security Events to see if there are any rules or rulesets are blocking it. You can look down at the Activity Logs table to see which exact rule is performing the action there. After that, you can adjust the rule that is performing the action.

You can also check your Analytics/Traffic tab to see more details on the traffic.

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