Troubleshooting Issues with Multiple Deployments and Custom Domains on Pages

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m reaching out for help with some issues I’m experiencing with my Pages website. I’ve been using Cloudflare’s Pages feature to host my site, but I’ve run into a few problems that I’m hoping someone can assist me with.

Issue 1: Deleting Unwanted Deployments

I currently have three deployments of my site, all listed as production. However, I only need one of them and would like to delete the other two completely. The problem is, I can’t find a button or option anywhere to delete these unwanted deployments. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there a way to remove these extra deployments that I’m missing?

Issue 2: Custom Domain Problems

For the deployment I want to keep, I’m experiencing some issues with my custom domain, which is also registered through Cloudflare Registrar. Here are the specific problems I’m facing:

* Apex Domain Error:Only the regular domain ( works, while the apex domain ( produces an error. I’ve double-checked my DNS settings, but I’m not sure what’s causing this issue.
Edit: This particular issue has since been fixed.

  • Error 522: Some visitors to my site are consistently getting an Error 522, which I’ve been unable to replicate myself, except for one time when it happened accidentally on my end. I’ve instructed them to clear their cache and cookies, and try different devices and network connections, but they all have the same issue. Is there a way to troubleshoot and resolve this error?

I’d greatly appreciate any help or guidance the community can offer on these issues. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!