Troubleshooting flexible ssl



I apparently activated (unintentionally, inadvertently…) Flexible SSL a week ago. Even though I had not done any redirecting, there was a nearly simultaneous doubling in my site’s google index (which is how I discovered that I did indeed have the ssl cert). Now, of course I plan on migrating to SSL, but it’s going to take some work for me to track down the mixed content on wordpress ecommerce site, to get the plugins, css, and js to work properly.

My question: can I activate and deactivate the Flexible SSL as necessary to troubleshoot the migration, or is this not permitted, or are there other problems that this may cause? My intention is to activate Flexible SSL for brief periods to test css and js functionality until I (hopefully) get everything sorted out. Is this okay to do?


Hey there.

Yes you can toggle it on and off at will. There are some things to note though.

  • If you are using Flexible with Wordpress you may need to install this plugin to avoid infinite redirect issue
  • You will want to enable ‘Always use HTTPS’ on the Crypto tab when you are done with your testing. This saves you from creating a similar Page Rule for HTTPS.
  • You may need to enable ‘Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’ on the Crypto tab for mixed content issues
  • Once everything is satisfactory you should change your Wordpress URL to use ‘https’

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Thank you for the helpful tips!