Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare

This tutorial covers the steps you should take if, when you change your domain to point to Cloudflare, you no longer receive emails to your domain. If you follow this tutorial and still need further help, please let us know what you have tried and share your domain name and, if possible, a redacted screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare.

1. Do you have any MX records set for your domain?
You will need to have MX records set in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard for you to receive emails. There is a tutorial on Adding DNS Records if you need help with this. Your MX record should point to the server that manages your mail. Examples of what this should look like are:

Where is your domain name, is the server name required by your mail host. The one pointing to is often used when you are on shared hosting and your email is hosted on the same server as your website.

2. Is the name field of your MX record set to @?
If not, it covers a subdomain for mail, not the mail domain. Make sure the name is set to @ or on the MX record. Where it says in the examples above, make sure this shows your domain name here or the MX record will not work as expected.

3. Do your MX records point to (or similar)?
If so, make sure you have an A record set for mail pointing to the IP address of the server that handles your mail (given by your email provider or web host). (make sure this is set to :grey:).

If you have an MX record like this example

where the mail is handled by a subdomain of your own domain, you will need another DNS record. If you use, it needs to have the name mail, for example. It will need to be an A record pointing to the IP address of your server, shown as in the example below:

4. Do you have an A record (normally mail) pointing to the IP of the server where your mail is hosted?
If you have created an A record, as shown in step 3, make sure this has a :grey: next to it. If it is :orange:, click the cloud to turn it :grey:.

When you connect to the server to retrieve mail, you must connect through a host that is set to :grey:, i.e. if your mail program is set up to connect through which has an A record set to :orange: then it will not work. You should probably create another hostname like or that is set to :grey: so it does not affect your website config on Cloudflare. Once you have another entry like set to :grey:, you should modify the hostname that yous program connects over to rather than

In practical terms: I will use Outlook as an example, it is similar to other email programs/apps. When you configure an email account on Outlook, it will ask for a server name. This is often provided by your webhost as something like, in this case, you must have an A record for mail pointing to your server IP, that is set to :grey:. If you try to use a subdomain/domain that is :orange:, your mail will likely not work.

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