Troubleshooting Cloudflare Configuration for Enhanced Website Performance

Hello fellow forum members,

I’ve been experiencing some hiccups with my Cloudflare setup, and I’m looking for some guidance. I recently integrated Cloudflare into my website,, in the hopes of improving its performance and security. However, I’ve encountered a few issues along the way.

Here are some of the problems I’m facing:

  1. Slower loading times: Despite implementing Cloudflare’s features, my website seems to be loading slower than expected.
  2. SSL certificate challenges: I’m having trouble with my SSL certificate setup, and it’s affecting the overall security of my site.
  3. Configuration complexities: Navigating Cloudflare’s extensive settings can be a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure if I’ve configured everything optimally for my specific website.

If anyone has faced similar problems or has expertise in Cloudflare configuration, I’d greatly appreciate your input. Whether it’s advice on fine-tuning my settings, resolving SSL issues, or optimizing performance, your insights will be invaluable in making as efficient and secure as possible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Below is a guide to make sure you have the right speed optimization settings setup currently.

As for SSL challenges what errors are you receiving? Also what is the zone in question?

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