Troubleshooting caching that is different across different locations

I have a handful of sites that aren’t being updated if they are viewed from certain locations in the US. If a user connects to the BNA server, for example, you’re fine, but if you connect to ORD or DEN, you are not and the site is not updated.

Development mode doesn’t matter, clearing cache doesn’t matter. Files are updated on the server, and all is well from other locations.

I’m scratching my head as to what this could be. Has anyone seen something like this?

Are you seeing CF-Cache-Status headers? Yes, Dev Mode should bypass all this, but I’m just wondering if there are any hints. Which makes me wonder if it’s a browser cache issue. How are you testing this?

Now I am, but I only saw ‘cf-ray’ headers before.

Regarding testing. We (my team) have had 8 or 9 people test four different sites, with only one getting the correct pages, 2 not getting updated pages, and the rest getting some mix.

Adding a cache busting variable worked for the CSS file that needs to be pulled through, but the HTML did not update for most people.

Browser tried in: FF, Chrome, Safari, mobile Chrome, mobile Safari. All tried across a range of ISPs.

HTM didn’t change… are you using cache everything in a page rule? Because if you’re not, Cloudflare isn’t caching HTML.

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