Troubleshoot missing images for visitors browsing my website

I need help to troubleshoot missing images for visitors browsing my website.

I’ve taken all the following steps, but unfortunately that hasn’t made any difference.

More information would help: What’s the domain? Is it happening for all visitors?

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This happens to site visitors who use Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox

As well as visitors to the site through mobile who use Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari , Microsoft Edge …

I’m getting a 403 Forbidden for the lazyload script. And some Font Awesome files. They look like they’re being blocked by a Cloudflare setting.

Are you seeing entries in the Firewall Events Log? Have you added any Firewall rules or changed any security settings in the Cloudflare dashboard?

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No I did not seeing entries in the Firewall Events Log?

I have two firewall Rules as seen in the attached files

That Protect Insecure Plugins rule sure looks like it’s the cause. Probably because your Referer check doesn’t include https://

I added https://, but nothing changed.
I deleted the roll after that, everything is fine and the pictures are looking good now.
I do not know how to thank you
Thank you very much and appreciate your efforts with me.
Best wishes to you

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