Troubles adding website where DNS is not in CloudFlare

Trying to add a site in Cloudflare where we don’t manage DNS.

We were using stackpath but their WAF offering is going away and would like to get in Cloudflare. We have set the cname to point to a domain that we do manage in Cloudflare. Then we have the A record setup to go to that IP.

Then we setup a Custom Hostname so we can use the the hostname of that site in Cloudflare. So we would like to change the custom origin as it is set to default, but there is no option for that.
We can setup a fallback origin and it will work for one site, but we have different custom hostnames pointed to different servers. We can not setup a 2nd site or even change the origin of that server.

Any advice or a different way to do this would be great.

Custom Origins require an Enterprise account.

I was hoping that wasn’t the case.

Is there any other options to accomplish this?

If you only want to add a single site, a business plan would be significantly cheaper and would allow you to add a single subdomain via a partial setup.

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