Troubles adding a member

I have invited a member exactly as described here,, to a specific domain, with Domain DNS permissions and Domain Administrator permissions.
However, when he clicks on Manage Domains, he gets the error:
403 | You do not have permission to view this page.
As a result, his invitation is still pending from my end, and he is unable to manage the domain as desired.
Please advise.
Thank you.

Do you mean the registrar section?

No, it’s Manage Domains. Here’s an image of what he is seeing:

Sorry, that is the page I meant. I do not believe it is possible to manage domains with zone level permissions. I have not tested, but I believe they might need super admin. If you are looking to have them be able to edit the zone settings, then it is under the Website option.

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Resending with fewer embedded images, as is apparently required by Cloudflare…

My point still stands. I’m pretty sure that page requires super admin permissions on an account.

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