Trouble with the Add payment method form

I get some trouble with the Add payment method form.
After all the needed fields are filled, I can’t save this form. Pressing Save button does nothing.
There are no fields marked red or whatever.
Some detail: a couple of days ago I tried to do that, and Country and State fields were dropped after filling, the form didn’t wort for me too. Now these files are visible but the entire form doesn’t work.

Tried use another browser, Incognito mode — no result.

Safari, Chrome, MacOS. All the last ones.

Hi @user2482,
That ticket is from 2019 have you submitted a new ticket?

Hi @Laurie,
Seems you wrote me.
Yes, this is the new issue, not linked with the previous one. I just used an old topic for it.

Thanks @neutronG,
Can you please add your new ticket ID so that our team can take a look?

I got no ticket yet. How can I obtain one?

You can create one from within your dashboard or you can email [email protected].

My ticket number is: 2408249.

I checked your ticket can you please confirm that you are logged in as the Super Administrator for the account as that would be the only user that can add a payment method.

That’s correct, I’m trying to create it as the SA.

Okay and there is no specific error that you are seeing from what I read, you just cannot submit. I am going to ask one of our team to reply with a recommendation so that we can try to gather more information.

I got the answer from your team.
In short, the card number was incorrect. Now I’m not sure it was my mistake or so, but I wonder that it wasn’t any error message, some field marked red, or any other warning, just static page with a dead button.
I’ll try it later with another card, but hope you’ll make this process more informative.

Thanks for your assistance, @Laurie, your service is really great!

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