Trouble with system emails from woocommerce

I have trouble with emails on my website. So my domain is in one place, Hosting is GoDaddy, we use Cloudflare and must set up everything here. Our emails are set up with google workspace settings, and that part works, but my system emails from the woocommerce don’t reach our customers for some reason.
I am not sure how to set up my MX records to get all emails to work. Any suggestions?

MX records are for incoming mail. Transactional email to customers from WooCommerce is an outbound issue.

Most of the questions I would ask in diagnosing this are off-topic for Cloudflare. One thing that is relevant to your Cloudflare DNS, is whether you have any SPF or DMARC records published. If you have an SPF record, does it cover the IP that your WooCommerce instance is using to relay emails? If it doesn’t, that could cause your emails to be identified as spoofed and cause them to wind up in a spam quarantine or even rejected outright.

If you need to delve deeper into DMARC and SPF, the dmarcian forum is a good resource for that subject. I would start by first checking into how your WooCommerce outbound mail is configured and making sure that the SPF record in your Cloudflare DNS accounts for that source.

Thank you, I will check there.

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