Trouble with SSL, tried community tips, can't figure out what's wrong

Hello people :wave:
I’ve been using Cloudflare’s SSL feature for a few years. Every year I switch a free domain and setup cloudflare for it. It was working as intended for a long time, but today with a new domain - ;it does work, but for all the time I’ve used links without www. and it just worked, yet now they don’t.
I went through these tips - Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR ; Doesn’t seem to help me with my issue. So when I use url without www. it results in ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR -

Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

My domain uses only Cloudflare’s nameservers;
DNS records set to orange cloud symbol, all of them but MX, it says “DNS only” and doesn’t have any icon there. It was the same for previous domain;
The Free Universal SSL certificate is active;
TLS 1.3 is disabled;
SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible - can’t use full, because I don’t have my own SSL certificate;
Every setting seems to be same as on previous domains, nothing about hosting have changed.

Then install a certificate on your server. That takes a few minutes.

Otherwise there is little point in pretending to have SSL as the site is insecure anyhow and on HTTP.


The thing is I use it for hosting some external scripts for twitch chat bot and in order for these to work it should use HTTPS; My only concern is length of the url.

Would be cool to have some more tips on the issue; installing SSL seems to be an ok solution, it would for certain take more than 2 minutes since I’m not sure how to do that and that’s the reason I’m using Cloudflare in the first place. But it’s a reasonable advice that I will probably follow if there won’t be any other solution for www.-less url to work with HTTPS.

Thanks for the advice.

As for the “first place”, Cloudflare cannot provide SSL in the first place as that depends on your server. If there is no SSL, the site is obviously on HTTP and hence insecure.

If you want a secure site you need SSL, for which you need a certificate.

Right now, SSL is working fine at your site as I can see.

With Flexible there is no encryption in the first place.

Well, I guess if there’s no other tips to point me in the right direction I’ll just install a certificate on my server.

Thanks again.

No worries, that’s the right decision. Check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates too.

They are only valid in a proxied context, but issuing them is a matter of a few clicks.

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