Trouble with SSL Redirect

Ok so i just recently tried switching to the Cloudflare SSL certificate because my hosting one wouldnt renew because i was going through Cloudflare. it was working fine until about an hour ago and now it won’t load my site it just redirects me to another site. I’ve done everything from shut off the certificate to renewing my original certificate and still no difference. Can someone help me I’m going crazy trying to figure this out. Also if anyone knows a way to contact support through a live chat that would also be great. Any help is appreciated.

If your hosting certificate didn’t renew, make sure you’re not using Full (Strict) SSL here. You might have to resort to Flexible SSL.

currently i have a valid certificate but it expires in 3 days so i’m trying to get this done before then. When i type in my url to my site it randomly sends me to a site about a woman swimming.

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