Trouble with Multi-Level Subdomain DNS

Hi, I run a website with an structure and just set up a subdomain: and am getting a “This site can’t be reached” error.

I added the correct IPV4 and IPV6 A and AAAA records but this hasn’t fixed the problem.

I’m aware that multi-level subdomains do not work on Cloudflare - would this url be considered a multi-level subdomain that wouldn’t work on CF?

Hm, do you mean like:

Could be some limitations due to an SSL as written here:

Moreover, are you using Flexible or do you already have SSL certificate at your origin for the desired sub-domains, meaning that you use Full SSL at Cloudflare?

If not, I beleive you would need to pay $10 for a dedicated SSL certificate at Cloudflare or to be on the Business Plan so you could import your SSL certificate that covers all of them and have it resolved successfully.

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No, that shouldn’t be. You can tell if it fails that test if you see two subdomain levels in that DNS record:

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