Trouble with IPN files not being pinged

I have IPN files that get hit from services like paypal, stripe, warriorplus and others.

They were working fine and all of a sudden the post or get data that is sent to the files is no longer available when the files are hit.

If I disable proxied on the domain and www then it works without issue.
I have placed a firewall rule that if the URI contains “part of url” then it should allow

This seems to work sometimes but not all the time even though its to the same file every time.

As mentioned I can definitely get it to work 100% of the time if I dont proxied the domain and www
But this leaves things a bit unsafe for the rest of normal traffic.

What can I do to fix this situation.
Look forward to replies and recommendations.

Thank you.

Did you check the Cloudflare firewall event log? If it gets blocked by Cloudflare it will show up there and mention the reason, which you can use to re-configure your firewall settings to allow these requests.

For starters I’d probably whitelist the networks in question under IP access rules.

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