Trouble with DNS settings connecting Squarespace to Cloudflare

Hi, I have been unable to successfully apply the DNS records from my Squarespace website to Cloudflare. I’ve tried troubleshooting several times…with the final attempt using the prompts from Squarespace to only use 4 DNS entries (as is currently entered in my Cloudflare DNS settings). Both my desktop and mobile phone show that the site is not secure, and Squarespace shows a DNS Error. Please let me know what DNS records to use to resolve this - thank you so much!! Sabrina

(I’m also trying to upload a screenshot for the DNS records I should be entering from Squarespace but can’t seem to do so)

Are the records in Cloudflare Proxied :norange: or DNS Only :ngrey:?

Squarespace have a support guide on this (if you haven’t seen it.)

Hi, Yes they are currently proxied. I am confused, however, because the screenshots I’ve attached here seem to show conflicting information regarding records being proxied/not proxied

Interesting that the Squarespace documentation/instructions are conflicting. I suggest you need to take this up with Squarespace directly as I can’t speak for the validity of their (conflicting) documentation.

Or, perhaps, the Troubleshooting is instructing you to turn off the proxy for the purpose of troubleshooting only, then, when everything is confirmed and working, you can turn it back on.

Thanks for your reply. The second screenshot is from the Cloudflare site. I’ve attached both the rest of that screenshot, as well as what my DNS records are showing in Squarespace (second screenshot below). I’ve entered TXT as Squarespace documentation suggested I do that if the CNAME record wasn’t working (which it wasn’t).

So, apparently, the settings containing problems are “expected behaviour” ?

If your domain is, it is not currently using Cloudflare nameservers.

% whois
   Name Server: NS1.WEBNAMES.CA
   Name Server: NS2.WEBNAMES.CA
   Name Server: NS3.WEBNAMES.CA