Trouble with cookies when cloudflare proxy being activated

Hi everyone,

I’m taking care of an eCommerce website. When CF proxy is enabled, I don’t see any issue on my side but I have some admin users that complain that they can no longer log in. Could you point me to the write settings inside CF dashboards to see if I can solve that?
Should I make some rules to ‘un-proxy’ some page types (like backoffice URL, payment tunnel,…). Is this a good practice?

thanks for your help

Hi @francois1,

Kind of difficult to troubleshoot without any more info…

What happens when they try? Do you get an error? If so, can you get a screenshot of the error page?

Thanks for your reply!
No errors displayed, they returned to the login page systematically. Does it help?
It makes me think of a cookie that couldn’t be written, does it make sense?

OK, that’s odd, don’t really think that should be Cloudflare related. Is it an intermittent problem, or can’t they log in at all?

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