Trouble with cname & DNS

Trying to connect my tebex store to create a custom domain but keep getting the issue “Please create a CNAME DNS record on the domain (insert my domain) pointing to (x)” Now, I already have that and its worked a few days ago but all of a sudden its stopped working.

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Is it set to :grey: DNS Only? That usually helps.

tried that, still to no prevail.

If your CNAME shows up correctly at, you’ll have to work this out with Tebex.

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It does not show up on , meanings it’s not resolved anywhere.

What’s the domain, and what’s the CNAME?

the domain is

I’m trying to setup to connect to the webstore. The target is

Another weird thing i noticed just now is the is redirected to discord. If i removed that record from the DNS it doesn’t break, its almost like cloudflare just isnt updating my DNS records.

That domain is not using Cloudflare name servers.

How could that be? It’s been working for the past few weeks.

Hang on…maybe it is Cloudflare. Does the bottom of your DNS page here tell you to use the Clarissa and Jacob name servers?

Go figure…now it shows up for me. But it looks like it’s still propagating.

The domain is purchased through GoDaddy, and this is the custom name servers on GoDaddy right now.

Any idea as to why only half of the locations work on the DNSChecker website?

The only other thing I can think of is your domain status, which includes this:

after speaking with GoDaddy support they assure me there’s no issues with my domain and the renewal of it. They’re saying everything on their end is fine and its a cloud-flare issue?!

It looks slightly better now, but I haven’t been keeping count on how far it’s propagating.

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Yeah, just gonna leave it for awhile. If it doesnt get better soon may have to contact cloudflare support regarding it. Thanks for all your help though. Appreciate it!!

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