Trouble with Cache Cloudflare

Hi guys!!

I want to know how long takes to cloudflare Caching everything ( all images files) on my website:

My site its too slow and the reason i think it is because 80% of images arent cached.

Im user “Pro” and using “polish plugin” but its not working…

I cleaned the all cache 4 days ago but until now, only a few images are caching…

What im supose to do?

Thanks a lot!

Rarely used files get evicted from the cache early to make room for more heavily used resources.

But a lot of pages ( 90%) of my site its taken more than 1 minute to open. How can i force to cache everything on my site to open more fast?

The pages of my site used to open very fast, but this slowness start to happen around 3 weeks ago…

Thanks a lot!

Why 90% of the imagens on my website is not cached? Almost all my site takes more than 1 minute to open the pages…

I want to know how can i force to cache all the imagens to get more speed. Now its almost impossible to navaguete on the site.

Im using “polish” and some others plugins from cloudflare but its not working…

Help please!

My site:

I can see some areas of imporovement:

  1. redirects to just But most of your resources use a www hostname. Some do not. Pick one or the other, and the rest will be easier to fix.
  2. From the looks of your home page, you can add a Page Rule to match just that URL, and set Cache to Cache Everything, and add an Edge TTL for however long you’d like.
  3. If you find a way to download and load Google Fonts locally from your domain, that would also speed things up.
  4. While your site’s 80 requests to load isn’t way over the top, it’s not bad. But content is 3Megs, and manually optimizing those images at your end would help.

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