Trouble transferring super admin rights: Email already in use (Code: 1057)

I signed up under [emailX@ourdomain] and subsequently invited [emailY@ourdomain] to join as a second member with Administrator rights.

I realized too late that I can’t transfer the super admin role to emailY, which is where it should have been all along (we use that address for other sites’ billing controls, membership maintenance etc.)

So I revoked emailY from the member list with the intent of subsequently changing my current email address from emailX to emailY (thus transferring super admin rights)

Now that I’ve revoked emailY’s membership, when I try to change my emailX address to emailY, I get: Unable to update email. Email already in use (Code: 1057)

Is this just a membership cacheing sort of thing? Will it clear up in a few days, or am I not able to change my address to a previous member?


Does EmailY also have a Cloudflare account? If they do then this is probably why. You can only have 1 account with 1 email.

EmailY was briefly one of the admin members. I removed / revoked its membership just a few short minutes prior to trying to swap addresses with it. (This was earlier today).

I’m going to wait/ try again tomorrow to use its address to replace the super admin - hopefully the system just needs time to clear out cached membership details.

Maybe… I would think not though if an account now exists on that email Y.

You could simply change the e-mail address of the account and then invite the old admin account back in…

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Ahhh… you bring up a good point. I’m new / didn’t realize inviting email Y created a standalone account in Cloudflare for emailY, which also allowed it to access mine.

So… at this point to recap: I’ve disassociated emailY from my sites, but it still exists as a standalone account in Cloudflare (with nothing set up).

I’ve tried too many times to change my super admin address to emailY because the account currently exists as you pointed out. But I just logged in as emailY to Cloudflare hoping I might have an option to delete the account altogether (so I can then change my address to it), but I don’t see that option.

As of now, it looks like it’s not possible to change my address since the account is known to Cloudflare. If I can’t delete the account, maybe I can transfer the sites to emailY’s [dashboard where it is super admin]. I’m just worried that’s more complicated as I’ve just literally transferred the DNS on 9 sites and registrar to Cloudflare on 5 of them so far.

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As I think @matteo suggested, try changing EmailY’s account to another email, EmailZ. Then try changing EmailX to EmailY on your account.

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You should change the email address.

Can’t find away to actually delete the account at the moment unfortunately.

You need to contact support to fully delete an account.

Just to recap - thank you both SO MUCH. I was a little slow in understanding what you were saying.
I did just that - EmailY -> changed email to EmailZ
EmailX was then able to be changed to EmailY, so the original dashboard has EmailY as super admin.

And now… I can invite EmailX back to the dashboard as (regular) Admin.

And … EmailZ now has an empty account that we don’t need. I can just tell support to delete the account.


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Yes - great it all worked :slightly_smiling_face:

And for good measure, I briefly disabled 2 factor and re-enabled so the email address that appeared matched the new address in the Google Authenticator app :smiley:

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