Trouble transferring domain from Google Domains


I’m struggling to transfer my domain over to Cloudflare from Google Domains. My account is [email protected] and the domain is oliroe . com. I believe I have following all the steps but when I come to confirm my contact information is receive a “Something went wrong…” message.

I’ve completed the following
Added Cloudflare name servers to Google Domains
Turned off DNSSEC
Turned off WHOIS protection
Set up my paypal account for billing
Unlocked the domain in Google Domains
Obtained an authorisation code

Any help would be greatly appreciated


The error occurs at the final stage step 3 “Confirm and Finalize Transfer”

I just had the same issue. I was using PayPal as the payment method, but I switched it to credit card [from one of the linked posts to your topic] and it is now going through.

Are you using PayPal as the payment method? Try using a credit card instead.

Once this gets sorted, I’m switching things back to PayPal.


This post specifically.

Exact same issue with me, changing the payment method from PayPal to a credit card resolved the issue. I went through Cloudflare support and they were very quick to respond, most impressed.

Thanks to anyone who replied


Thanks for that (and for Cloudflare’s system putting this post up on the side-bar, whilst I was in the process of writing up a ticket).

I had a mysterious internal error when trying to transfer, that went away when I switched paypal for a credit card as my primary billing mechanism.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for bearing with us during these PayPal issues. Happy to see most of you are getting the help you need from the team and able to add a new credit card as a workaround. There have been some planned billing system updates this year that may have caused PayPal to not be supported after the updates were complete, but most have found that if they add a new credit card, add PayPal as the secondary payment as well, or remove and then re-add PayPal they will be good.

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