Trouble Transferring Domain From GoDaddy

Hi all,

We have a number of domains registered with GoDaddy that we already have linked to CloudFlare for DNS that we are wanting to move to the registrar side of things.

Everything starts well, we initiate the transfer from the CloudFlare side and are told to update the IPS tag.

We go to GoDaddy unlock the domain and try to update the IPS tag but get a generic error advising to contact support.

After weeks of back and forth with GoDaddy we are advised there is an issue at their end and that the process is broken for users.

They manually update the IPS tag on GoDaddy side of things and authorise the transfer advising that CloudFlare now need to accept the domain transfer.

However on the CloudFlare side of things there is no option to accept the transfer, presumably it is supposed to be automated but then a day or two later the transfer is apparently rejected.

Has anyone had any luck transferring domains from GoDaddy to CloudFlare?

Thanks in advance for help.

I don’t think the .uk setup at Cloudflare has all the kinks worked out yet. It sounds like there are still several open issues being worked on.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Do you have a ticket open with us? I am happy to take a look at the transfer for you.

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