Trouble transferring Cloudflare domain to IONOS

Sadly, it’s become clear that I cannot connect my Cloudflare domain to IONOS. I’m trying to do the transfer per Cloudflare’s instructions, but when I go to IONOS with the transfers authorization code it says “The external domain can only be transferred by the domain owner.” Why would that be?
Has anyone ever tried a transfer like this before? Is there some sort of time that’s needed from the unlocking?

The time that is needed that is affecting the move is most likely the 60 days from purchase restriction, FAQs for Registrants: Transferring Your Domain Name - ICANN.

Curious, why not?

I’m at about 75 days. I unlocked the account a few hours ago, but when I go to IONOS I receive that message I posted.

IONOS is telling me I need to add four name servers to CF. CF says that is not allowed.



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