Trouble Shooting SRV DNS and SSL Certificate

Hi community, hope someone can help. I am NOT tech savvy at all and it has taken all of my brain power to try and add a custom domain and email registered with GoDaddy. Think I am almost there. Email is working but my domain name still giving me a 404 error. On the DNS tab I am seeing a “!” against SRV - says it needs to be proxied but I don’t know how to do this. I am also getting an SSL Certificate error - what’s this?

I don’t think SRV can be proxied. SRV is usually there for services that don’t run over regular website traffic connections, so that :warning: probably points this out, as it’s connecting to the same IP address as your proxied website.

Where are you seeing an SSL certificate error?

When I log into Kajabi it says that my domain has successfully transferred then it gives me a red ! against DNS and a red ! against SSL Certificate.

What’s the domain?

Can you set your DNS entries for and ‘www’ to :grey: DNS-Only? That should help get your site prepped before engaging Cloudflare.

All Done

When you say ‘prepped for Cloud Flare’ now what happens? looks like it’s still set to :orange:.

And they’re both still showing a 404 error. “Prepped for Cloudflare” means a site needs to be functioning with HTTPS before you can proxy it with Cloudflare. Right now, the site isn’t working.

Oddly enough, the ‘www’ site has a GoDaddy certificate on it. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records here? And check farther down that page to make sure the Cloudflare name servers are Ernest and Kayleigh.

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