Trouble setting up email DNS

Yes, that way it would always point to the same IP as your made up name but shield it from quick scripts that test default DNS records as the CNAME mail. would go through Cloudflare.

Ok, just done that but getting a security exemption message in Thunderbird.
This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information
This certificate belongs to a different site

And I still have the warning for that A record

I’m not too knowledgeable on Thunderbird, but it sounds like something with an SSL certificate. Which type of SSL configuration do you have on Cloudflare? It might be that the new subdomain isn’t certified yet (though I wouldn’t expect that)

Yes as you do have an A record that is not proxied, the made-up name one.
That error/warning you cannot solve if you want to use Thunderbird I think, as Thunderbird apparently can’t find the origin IP and only sees Cloudflare’s IP if the proxy is turned on.

Thank for your help on this.
My ssl is from my hosting provider and Cloudflare is set to “Full” encryption

You’re welcome.

I would expect it to work without issues then. Please give it some time to maybe fix itself, if it does show you the email just let it sit for a few hours. Otherwise the only option I see is to leave mail. on the non proxy setting as an A record. If it has worked that way that is the quickest/easiest fix.
I am not sure what is causing Thunderbird to give that error with this setup.

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