Trouble setting up Cloudflare nameservers

Same problem here. I’ve been to that help center article. The instructions don’t work for me.
Cloudflare says I’m active and doesn’t show me any NS on the Overview page even though my NS are still zoneedit:
dig +short e l v e NS

Also, my zone is quite complicated - I’ve set up many records at zoneedit. A zone transfer is needed or it would be a ton of work to re-enter all the zone info. A, CNAME, TXT, URL redirects, stealth forwards. Hopefully that’s supported. Hopefully all these types are supported.

(I have a current copy of the zone file . allows easy export. They’re a solid DNS provider in my experience.)

If it ways you are currently active then you may be in a CNAME setup. If you onboarded through a partner this is quite possible. You said you’re having the same problem, can you explain what the problem you’re experiencing is?

Thanks for your reply. I think I have explained what the problem I’m experiencing is, pretty clearly. (However with the topic split it’s a bit hard to follow.) Let me try again:

Same problem (as the OP in the now-split thread): I don’t have the information I need from Cloudflare in order to change my domain name servers to Cloudflare. (By the way, my web servers etc are running fine, but they’re on standard hosted infrastructure at my web host.) Cloudflare says I’m active and yet doesn’t show me any NS on the Overview page even though my NS are still zoneedit:
unix% dig +short e l v e NS

I don’t understand the first part of your reply. What would a working CNAME setup look like? Can you point to a working example? If I don’t change the NS to point to Cloudflare, something at zoneedit could point to Cloudflare, but nothing does, and I don’t know what to point to. It doesn’t make sense to change the NS to, say, because that server gives an IP that isn’t serving the content of the site over http.

unix% dig +short e l v e

Error 1016 Ray ID: 3743e06180c40da3 • 2017-06-25 00:40:37 UTC
Origin DNS error

Here’s some info on a CNAME setup:

The edit to the CNAME on your authoritiative DNS editor (not in Cloudflare’s DNS settings) is to append to the entire hostname. The format of the CNAME record will be like this: CNAME

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@MrE I’m not sure how much help this will be, but it’s worth a shot… By default, Cloudflare nameservers have a specific naming convention: ‘’. E.g.,, etc.

There’s a somewhat old blogpost that outlines the reasoning behind these naming conventions that I believe is still relevant, though it may not be useful to solving your specific problem.

You can view your assigned nameservers on the Cloudflare site, DNS page, below the ‘DNS Records’ section. If you don’t see anything there then you should probably contact Cloudflare support though their ticketing system: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. If you do see your assigned nameservers, log into your registrar and change the records to just the assigned ‘’ ones. Doing this will set you to the ‘Full DNS’ option if that’s what you want.

Once that is done you may use Cloudflare’s DNS for your A, CNAME, etc records. I believe you may upload your zoneedit DNS BIND export into Cloudflare’s DNS Records section.

Since you asked, here’s an extremely basic example of a working A & CNAME record setup under the ‘FULL DNS’ option:

I hope some of this information was useful - I’m not too familiar with zoneedit unfortunately :worried:

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  • I’ve just emailed support@, as you suggested. (Subject:no assigned nameservers for!).
  • FYI, I don’t see anywhere I can “upload [my] zoneedit DNS BIND export into Cloudflare’s DNS Records section.”
  • What I meant by an example of a working CNAME setup was a setup using Cloudflare in a CNAME setup (not FULL DNS), that results in a DoS-resistant web site.

3)@cs-cf: I’ve created the CNAME entry like what you suggested.
cf.e l v e CNAME cf.e l v e
created. But when I dig it, the ns returns no answer (ANSWER: 0).

Thanks for the service and support!

In this scenario since you’re signed up through a partner, the partner will need to crate the mapping back to the origin host in their DNS. Right now they have a mapping for www and your root domain, but not one for cf.

Basically they control all the DNS entry mappings to/through Cloudflare and set them via our partner API.

@cs-cf Hmm. I don’t know if it helps, but displays

Error 1001 Ray ID: 3eea23ab04c96d30 • 2018-02-17 16:31:51 UTC
DNS resolution error

I don’t recall that I signed up through a partner. My Cloudflare DNS page says:
Your DNS zone file is hosted by your hosting provider, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the your hosting provider website. That page ( resolves (when it resolves at all) to a domain name squatter, not a hosting provider. Hmm, indeed. Do I have to be configured to be signed up through a partner? (Because trying to get a partner that doesn’t even seem to exist to follow the process linked from your post immediately above seems FAR more complicated than necessary, if not impossible.) Maybe we’ve found a way to fix the problem?

A Hosting Partner is just the place that hosts your website. They typically have a cPanel setup, or some other built-in option to enable Cloudflare.

Yes, I’m aware of that, and who my hosting provider is, and it’s not who Cloudflare thinks it is. Mine happens to be site5, mainly*, and they don’t offer built-in Cloudflare support, as I recall. Cloudflare thinks my hosting provider is which doesn’t even exist.
(*Different parts of my web presence within this domain are hosted in different ways.)

(My domain’s DNS provider and hosting providers are different entities. Cloudflare confusingly refers to the hosting provider when they really mean the DNS provider because ~99% of the time they’re the same entity. So ~99% of the time they’re using a term that people understand, and 1% of the time they’re misusing the term.)

I believe I signed up directly, but it was a long time ago. I’m thinking of trying to delete my Cloudflare account and start afresh. HELP! Tech support sent me an inapplicable, boilerplate reply - obvious they didn’t read/grok this thread/issue.

Cloudflare’s settings have site 5, the information on the URL is derived from information they gave us when your domain was onboarded through them (not sure why they passed that URL, perhaps it was a company they acquired at some point?). The hosting provider is the one who manages/ creates entires in the Cloudflare interface using the host API (there’s no direct integration with zoneedit that I’m aware of).

Site5 has no control whatsoever over the DNS for my domain, so there’s no way that they could change what the DNS provides for the IP addresses for hosts within my domain. I manage the DNS for my domain, by changing the settings at zoneedit, which is entirely self-service. The nameservers for my domain are, and should be and I just want to know what I should make my www entry resolve to, and anything else I need to do in order to enable Cloudflare.

Let me put it more simply. Let’s say I’m hosting my site myself. My own apache install, my own bind install, on my own server, on my own IP. How do I enable Cloudflare?

  1. Add Website to Cloudflare (it’ll try to scan DNS, then continue to Step 2)
  2. Set your domain (at your registrar) to use the Cloudflare name servers as instructed
  3. Start plugging DNS info into the DNS tab: The “A” records for @ and www with your IP address
  4. Wait for Cloudflare to confirm that your site is up and running at Cloudflare. This happens as soon as it sees your name servers are properly set.
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Re. Step 1: What are you talking about? Where? The overview page says, “This website is active on Cloudflare.”
Re. Step 2: AGAIN: I can’t view my assigned nameservers on the Cloudflare site, DNS page,
below the ‘DNS Records’ section, or on the overview page! They’re NOT THERE!

You’ve taken a hypothetical new customer installation which @sdayman described at your request and applied it to your existing installation. They aren’t the same thing…

For your particular configuration I’ve already laid out what needs to be done and by whom. But since there appears to be some confusion I will attempt to clarify.


In public DNS? You’re absolutely correct. In the DNS section in Cloudflare which we use to determine what host names are valid and where to route requests to? Yes they do, because you’re signed up through a partner integration. Since you are currently signed up utilizing partner integration they need to make changes to your Cloudflare configuration using APIs that we make available to the partner to manage those settings on your behalf.

Get your existing hosting partner that you signed up for Cloudflare with/through to create the needed entries or sign up for Cloudflare directly using the process @sdayman described using another email address or after removing your existing domain from Cloudflare. Or if you must manage your own DNS, but don’t want your partner to manage Cloudflare settings on your behalf sign up for a plan which allows for a CNAME configuration