Trouble setting up a Cloudflare tunnels

I am setting up a cloudflare tunnel fllowing exactly the steps showed int the tunnel dashboard, but always get a 502 bad gateway error. I have activated the No TLS Verify.

I have tried in diferent machines using window 10,11 turning off the firewall and always get the same error.

In the cloudflare dashboard the tunnel shows active and healthy.

My web server is apache and i can get to it using other routes for example via dns redirection using cloudflare but obviosly with a lack of security.

The only additional thing is that I have mikrotik box with a firewal running on it

Do I have to create some specific rule on that firewall in order to get the tunnel running?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

The address you place in the service type/URL should be an address cloudflared can access.
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 10.24.42

From the equipment running cloudflared, are you able to browse to https://localhost? Are you maybe trying to browse to http:// instead of https://?

Take care.

Yes I can access the route localy and remotely
and i tried with http and https

The use of tunnels is for security reasons but i can access de route via redirecting dns recordns on the domain provider.