Trouble Retrieving Email

Very new to Cloudflare. Found a message from a year ago and I think I may be on the right track to resolving this issue, but not quite sure what to do.

I use Google My Business as my email client and have some branded domains set up (e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]) that I use to send and receive emails. No problems with this.

In addition I have another domain (e.g. mydomain3) that is not part of my Google My Business account, but I do have email set up on my host company’s server…i.e. [email protected] I could send and receive using the webmail interface, but that would be inconvenient.

I want to use my Google account to send and receive emails from my mydomain3 account on my email server. However, when I go to set it up in Gmail, it is not finding the server. I suspect that it is because I am using Cloudflare with mydomain3. Further, I’m guessing I need to have some kind of ‘A’ record or ‘MX’ record in Cloudflare to link my Google My Business account with my email server account.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this and what settings I need?

Thank you!

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