Trouble Recieving Emails, Error 550, and SMTP Authentication


I’ve followed the Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare tutorial, and am able to send email from my G-Mail account, through my email server. I’m pretty sure that the A and MX records are correct. The issue is with recieving email, which generates the following error message:

550 Please turn on SMTP Authentication in your mail client. [Redacted IP]:Redacted Port is not permitted to relay through this server without authentication.

My (limited) understanding is that SMTP Authentication is turned on, because I’ve checked “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” in Gmail, and I’m using the secure settings listed in cPanel. I’m also not able to get messages if I go through the cPanel email client, so I’m not really sure where the issue is. :thinking:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @rodsloan,

Thanks for checking out the tutorial before posting!

So just to clarify, you can’t see the emails in webmail through cPanel or in Gmail? Did this work before Cloudflare?

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Yes, I can’t see them. When I send an email to the address I get the error message.

Yes, it did.

I can share a screen capture of the error message, I’m just not sure if it’s safe to do so. Call me paranoid :smiley:

Hmm… Looks like your mail record is :grey: which is correct, but there is a dc- record as well. Do you just have the one MX record in the Cloudflare dashboard?

Can you try pausing Cloudflare and seeing if it works to help narrow down the issue?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

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I have another MX record that refers to the website:

Sure. Does it take time to update? I’ve paused it now and the email is still not going through, so I guess it isn’t a Cloudflare issue? Now that I think about it, my web host updated their servers just before I got on Cloudflare, so it’s entirely possible that something broke there. I am using the details shown in CPanel though, is it possible that those are not correct?

Your MX record should point to which is :grey:, not which is :orange:.

It can take ~5-10mins to propagate the change when pausing, but if it still doesn’t work then it is unlikely to be a Cloudflare issue, unless the DNS records don’t match those at your host.

Sorry, just making sure I understand this part. Can I delete the ‘’ MX record then? That second MX record has no cloud symbol next to ‘DNS only’. I do have the ‘’ MX record set up as in the tutorial.

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No problem, yes you can delete this one:

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Thanks for the help @domjh!

BTW, is there a list of the standard DNS records Cloudflare uses on initial set up? I’d like to check the rest of them and see. I’m pretty sure I added that MX record while I was trying to fix the issue.

No problem!

I don’t believe there is a list of all the records they query (it would be a very long list), but you can check all the DNS records you have against those at your web host. The only ones that may be different are mail related records. Not sure if that is what you meant, sorry if it isn’t!

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Thanks, that’s useful. I’ll do that.

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