Trouble pointing to Kajabi

I had a custom domain already set up in Kajabi, however, because of branding conflicts I need to change my custom domain again. My old domain or current domain is
The domain I am wanting to set Kajabi up with is
I went through the steps set up to accomplish this, but still get a “Your domain has not passed some verification steps.”
I have a picture of what my DNS management looks like. Am I missing something or did I do something wrong?
Any guidance from someone who is well script in this would be appreciated!
New Cloudflare pic of DNS management|690x377

It appears that Cloudflare’s assigned nameservers for are already set up:

$ dig soa +short 2035085043 10000 2400 604800 3600
$ dig ns +short
$ dig soa +short 2035085043 10000 2400 604800 3600
$ dig ns +short

All you need to do now to activate this site on Cloudflare is to have your registrar (which appears to be GoDaddy) delegate the authoritative DNS for to the following nameservers:

GoDaddy should have an option to let you do this in their control panel.

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