Trouble pointing domain to Wix

Wix wants me to use DNS - & but I don’t think it’s possible with CF so they say to use the following:

"For yourdomain, create an A record that points to:

For www.yourdomain, create a Cname record that points to: www205.wixdns net

For m.yourdomain, create a Cname record that points to: www205.wixdns net"

Following instructions above (exc m.domain com - cause I don’t recognize m) and entering mydomain com I am routed to an ancient website on a server where the very first iteration of my website exists (mostly cause I didn’t take time to delete off my server years ago.)

What is m.mydomain com ? Is there any way to use name servers with Cloudflare? Any ideas as to how I can get this corrected?


Unfortunately the way WIX has chosen to build their system isn’t compatible with Cloudflare is likely where they plan to build/route a mobile optimized version of your website.

As to where it’s routing you? Not sure. Ultimately I think they tightly couple where the DNS is hosted with how they display the website for some reason.

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i see the answer above is from 2017, is there any update from then and now? Can I point Wix website to Cloudflare?

I encountered this problem too, the workaround in the end was to simply set your Wix DNS records in Cloudflare to “DNS only” from “Proxied”

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I just followed the last piece of advice (DNS not proxied) and it worked!!! I am so thrilled, thank you!

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