Trouble pointing domain to Kajabi (Domain taken elsewhere)

When trying to link my domain to Kajabi, I get the error “Your custom domain is taken elsewhere”. It seems the issue is in Cloudflare, but I can’t figure out where it is stemming from:

Someone else recently posted about the same error and hour after you did. You just need to check the ip address of your DNS A record to verify you are pointing to your origin and not to a cloudflare ip. Lots of history on this site about how to fix, Please post back and let us know how it’s going.

I apologize, but I’m super new to this. How do I verify the ip address? I tried changing the proxy status on the www CNAME to DNS only but that didn’t resolve the issue.

You can verify that pretty quickly with your hosting provider. In the screen you shared, the value of your A record (Address record) is 34…,you can ask your host if that is the correct IP address for your server, if not, click on the record to edit the address (#Tutorials on this site cover how to do that).

The error “Your custom domain is taken elsewhere” is not a cloudflare error, nor one I am familiar with. I do however, see a 1014 error. Cloudflare generally does not allow customers to use CNAME records to point from their domain to a domain on another Cloudflare account, which is why you are seeing the Error 1014.

Can you share a link to the Kajabi docs you’re using?
Also, we see the 1014 error on the Community and there is a lot of discussion about how to resolve the error,

This is the link I’m using: Not sure if it will work if you don’t have a Kajabi account. It is the link to set up a custom domain on Kajabi. They walk you through each step you have to do in Cloudflare including CNAMES and page rules. I’ve done these same steps with three other sites with no issues. I asked Kajabi about the “Your custom domain is taken elsewhere” message and they directed me to Cloudflare, saying it was a Cloudflare issue with their hosting. I kind of feel like I’m running in circles at this point.

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