Trouble Migrating Godaddy domain from old wix site

hi all,

I have a go daddy domain name pointing at an old wix site. I made a bootstrap site and want to point the domain to the bootstrap site and publish on bootstrap servers. I followed their directions but am predictably running into problems.

In my cloudflare dashboard it says “Some of your DNS only records are exposing IPs that are proxied through Cloudflare. Make sure to proxy all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records to avoid exposing your origin IP.”

I added the one cname condition provided by bootstrap studio to the cloudflare dashboard. HOWEVER, since i migrated the site from wix there was email names affiliated with the domain name. So there are 4 other “CNAMES” and 1 “MX”. These were left over from the wix migration I believe. Do I need to delete them? My DNS is not yet set according to bootstrap

You didn’t say what the CNAMEs point to, but that should be a pretty good indicator as to what they’re used for. MX record directs your incoming mail. Again, without knowing what it points to, we can’t advise.

they point to mail,pop,smtp,imap pointed to my mail.mywebsitename

there is also an “A” named “mail” pointing to an IP address

Im pretty confused at what to do.

You’d have to check with your mail host for what these should be set to. But mail records like that should be toggled to DNS-Only :grey:.

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this is what icann lookup says about my domain currently:




i transfered the nameservers this around 12:00 PST.

so it may just take time for the changes to work.

I keep getting an error saying the dns is not yet set

hi all,

I migrated and pointed my nameserver away from wix and to cloudflare.

after I did this, I deleted some of the dns rules. however, I screenshot them and I re typed them so they were the same as before I deleted them.

all I am trying to do is add one rule pointing to a bootstrap studio server to my website, but now I cant send or receive email.

Apparently go daddy can take up to 2 days to recognize the cloudflare nameservers, so I dont know if this is affiliated with the problem. I am also using a free plan

I talked to my mail host, bluehost and they said my DNS changes havent been propagated.

For the cloudflare CNAME’s I mentioned earlier, should they be proxied through cloudflare with the orange cloud toggled on? Or like you say toggle the cloud off? Does this present a large security risk. My MX record is toggled off, I just don’t know if the CNAME should be toggled off

Anything mail-related should be :grey: (DNS-Only).

ok thank you including the A rule?

also, once I toggle off will these changes be propagated immediately?

Thank you! This resolved my mail problem. Thank you

However, I am still receiving a “DNS not yet set” error on my website hosting provider.

I only have one CNAME being proxied through cloudflare pointing to a specific server

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