Trouble logging into CloudFlare account?

Hi there,

I’m attempting to log in to our Cloudflare account, but unfortunately no longer have access to the email that was used to create it. Our domain is hosted on GoDaddy but the nameservers are managed through Cloudflare. I need to be able to edit the DNS records as we’re migrating our website hosting to WP Engine.

Has anyone run into this issue before of not being able to access the nameservers? If I create a new account will I be able to reverify the domain and edit the DNS records in the new Cloudflare account?


Yes, you can add the domain to your new account, which will issue you new nameservers. Once you set them for your domain, your new account will get hold of your domain.

I set up a new account and pulled the DNS records to the new account. I added new nameservers and updated them on GoDaddy but am seeing an error message.

WHat can i do to fix this?

Which is?

Which nameservers were you given for your new account?

Error message I’m getting:

Nameservers that were added:

george and vita are the ones for the new account?

The nameservers seem to be properly set, but there are no DNS records. Can you check your DNS settings?

I think I fixed the issue. Added the DNS records. Could you see if the website will show on your end? Thank you for the help!

Seems to be working now.

I seem to be getting a different error now. Haven’t changed anything since my last message

That seems to be a local DNS issue. Try restarting your browser and flushing any local DNS cache.

The site loads fine

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