Trouble in changing nameservers for transferred domains

I have this domain that had the nameservers let’s say and I then decided to transfer it to Cloudflare… and I confirmed it on my old registrar and now that domain is removed from their database.

I am now having trouble changing the old nameservers! I am trying to change it to point to Cloudflare nameserver but I don’t know where to…

Now that domain is like a ghost carrying the old nameservers without me able to change those.

Whats the domain? You likely have to contact Cloudflare’s support.

Thanks for your help. It’s worldgoodvibes dot com. I contacted support but they haven’t responded yet.

edit: They replied. I just didn’t saw the email. :sweat_smile:

They should be able to fix it within 24 hours. What’s the ticket #?

I didn’t saw their reply on the first ticket. So I sent another one.

Ticket #1691877. Got a reply and they said the problem was forwarded to the Regisrtar team…
and Ticket #1691980.

yeah, it’s not a good behaviour to send multple tickets for the same problem. Sorry about that.

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