Trouble getting free SSL setup on website



I’ve been reading through all of Clouflare’s support articles, but can’t seem to figure out what to do next.

When using Cloudflare’s free SSL, I can’t seem to access my site ( If I turn on “strict” mode, I get a 529 error. If I turn on “flexible” mode, my site loads non-secure at the www domain, but will not load the secure version.

I’ve enabled all of my A and CNAME records that are possible to use Cloudflare’s DNS and HTTP proxy (Orange cloud). As well, I’ve purged my cache each time and used incognito to test.

The weird thing, is a subdomain of my website loads securely (, but my parent domain will not load when SSL is forced.

Looking for some advice on what to do next to finally get this working.


Hi. Have you enabled ‘Always use HTTPS’ on the Crypto tab? I’m not sure if this is enabled by default…


Seems to be working for me. Are you still having issues?


Thanks, I guess maybe I just wasn’t patient enough! Checked again and yes,
now it is working :slight_smile: