Trouble getting emails to authenticate via an IP

Currently use an SMTP server through Oracle Opera to send our guests confirmation emails. We use mircrosoft 365 as our email domain. All DNS records are updated for that. Oracle Opera only provide me with the server name and it is an smtp. After calling they also provided me with an IP address to add to my dns records and they claim will authenticate that server as it is linked to that IP. Im not an IT pro, but figured just adding that IP address as a txt record would do the trick. Unfortunatley Opera support is no more help so wondering if I am missing something here. Should I add that server name as well someone on the DNS? Also is adding a txt record with the IP suffice? Still not able to authenticate these emails.

TXT records aren’t used for looking up IP addresses for hostnames.

If they provided you a server name only, then you should have to do anything in your DNS. You’d just configure whatever software you have to use that server name for outbound mail.

As far as anything we can help you with, the only Cloudflare-specific setting for DNS would be to make sure any email-related DNS records are set to :grey: DNS Only. Anything else is standard DNS that the service provider needs to support you on.

Here is what Oracle has provided me as an explanation:
As spam filters have become more sophisticated, they have begun checking the SPF records for the sending domains with the registrars for those domains. In these cases, since the email comes from our datacenter and not from any hotel server that is registered for their domain, the registrar will indicate to the destination email system that the sender is not an authorized sender for the domain that is shown in the “From” field of the email, and the destination server will block the email or send it to a spam folder.

The way to resolve this problem is for the hotel to have their registrar add the sending domain and source IP to the SPF record for their domain (e.g Typically, the hotel’s IT department will have an account with their domain registrar so that they can log into a website and update the configuration, or they can open a ticket with their registrar to have the Oracle domain and source IP address(es) added to their SPF Record.

Because the SPF record is controlled by the company that is registering the Hotel’s domain name, The hotel or their IT department will need to add these details to their domain’s SPF record as an authorized sender for the hotel’s email.

With this they gave me one IP address and said this is the emails server IP address that needs to added to your DNS record to authenticate emails. Where is the best spot for me to add this IP address as apparently SPF records are no longer supported?

Ah, you need SPF. Yes, that goes in a TXT record. SPF is more like a “Permissions List” for which IP addresses and hostnames are allowed to send on behalf of your domain. Still, they should have told you the syntax. Sometimes the syntax is an include: statement with a hostname that does have the correct SPF record(s) for your situation.

Since you already use Office 365 for email, it gets tricky. You really need a mail admin to keep track of this and make sure it’s all configured correctly. Cloudflare DNS will do whatever you tell it to do, so there’s nothing unique about a TXT record here.

Bottom line is, we can’t tell you how to write an SPF record for your specific situation. That’s why I suggested getting a mail admin (or your provider’s support people). Because you don’t want to have to decipher something like this:

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