Trouble creating a cname


I am trying to create a Cname on my Domain This is to allow a 3rd party piece of web software (seranking) to work on my subdomain seo dot beefysites dot com as a whitelabel piece of software for my website.

Their instructions : "To access the platform with no mention of SE Ranking in the URL, use your own domain name. Go to the DNS settings of your domain and create a CNAME record with the value.

You can see my settings in my account for the cname I set up, also attached.

Also, see the attached for the software instructions.

What am I doing wrong?

You’ve created a CNAME for that points to, except I don’t see a DNS record for

Their instructions don’t see which hostname you need to use that points to, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Thanks @sdayman , a few things that might help us.

How do I set up a DNS record for

  • SE RANKING says “In this case, does your hosting provider allows you to set up a CNAME record in the DNS settings of your domain?
    Normally, it’s a more straightforward process, where you just need to enter your desired sub-domain and the address of our service.”

I asked them your question AGAIN about which hostname I need to point to, we will see what they say.

Another udpate

Hi Jared,

In this case, you should enter as a host which points to
Normally, you should enter just the seo prefix, but some services may require the full address, to be entered. You can test both formats or contact Cloudflare to check what format they require.

Kind regards,

Then it should look like this (oops, but without the comma at the end). Make sure you toggle the :orange: so it’s :grey: as in the picture.

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