Trouble connecting my domain

hi im having trouble connecting my domain to yours. the DNS setting have been updated

What domain?

And can you elaborate what kind of trouble you’re having?

My DNS settings have been changed and its says its waiting connection/Pending

What name servers do you see in the bottom of this?

And can you perhaps share a screenshot of this one?

The domain’s delegation of name servers from the parent registry is currently:

The domain name is also registered using Cloudflare Registrar, where you cannot change name servers.

I would therefore be checking up on the account you’re logging on to Cloudflare with, as it doesn’t sound like you’re logged in to the the right one that is holding that domain.

So is it my own person log on that is an issue , i don’t really understand where to go next

Could you by any chance have registered two different Cloudflare accounts, but actually be logging in with the wrong one, such as for example:

  1. Account [email protected] with the domain
  2. Account [email protected], without the domain

And in this scenario, where you should be logging in with account 1 ([email protected]), you would incorrectly be logging in to account 2 ([email protected]) that doesn’t hold the domain?

Or alternatively, have had someone else taking care of your domains for you, so that the domain might actually be tied with their Cloudflare account?

Cloudflare usually works very well with some random site that I mentioned but sometime it does not purge cache. Is it the same problem as mentioned in this question?

@ecommailme can elaborate on what you’re asking…and why?

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