Trouble Adding TXT Record to Email Subdomain DNS on Cloudflare

My Domain is hosted at Godaddy. My Name Servers and DNS here at cloudflare. I have SendInBlue dedicated IP address for my b2b email campaigns. I’ve setup a subdomain on cloudflare, and when adding verification records from SendInBlue to validate the subdomain, I am getting an error when adding the final TXT Record to my DNS.

Cloudflare wont let me add the following TXT record for “Sendinblue-code:66c81daaa64cb2093b6f5ef226cbe03c” , it just gives me the error code: "ERROR NS RECORDS ALREADY EXIST WITH THAT HOST CODE: 81056

All of the other records have been added and authenticated: TXT SPF, DKIM, DMARC. But this one TXT record won’t take.

It sounds like there’s already an NS record called ‘email’.

Without the domain name, we can’t check your settings. Or just post a screenshot of your entire DNS screen. It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

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If f you have done an NS delegation for that subdomain then whoever/wherever you have delegates the NS records to is where that TXT record needs to be created.

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I’ve got my godaddy root domains name servers pointed to just cloudflare, so I’ve setup the sub domain records right on my cloudflare dns, and I’ve added the “sendinblue” (email service company)name server records to that cloudflare dns.
There is no dns management at the sendinblue email website, that I know of. So then I wonder where the heck I should be adding this TXT record if not right there on the cloudflare site where my DNS and sub domain records are managed.

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